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Celina rejects Baba Ramdev’s “supposed” advances

Celina rejects Baba Ramdev’s “supposed” advances

By Gayndaswami July 24, 2009

New Delhi: Reports are doing rounds that Celina Jaitley has rejected what she thought were Baba Ramdev’s advances towards her.

Celina Jaitley, a popular Bollywood Actress and a Former Beauty Queen, was crowned Miss India Universe in 2001. She is also known to love dogs.

Celina loves dogs and their sense of style

Baba Ramdev, a renowned Yogi, is widely accredited with revitalizing the Yoga phenomenon in India and making it ever more popular across the world. He is also someone who thinks a lot.

Baba Ramdev is known to think hard

Celina has widely shown her support for the LGBT community and came out in support of the Gay Rights law recently passed in New Delhi. Baba Ramdev does not think that being Gay is natural, calls it a disease and claims he can cure it. This has resulted in some communication between the two. Celina claims that Baba Ramdev was the first one who started poking.

Celina claims Baba Ramdev was the first one to initiate contact

Baba Ramdev does not like Gays because they are fans of the asana which is banned in Yoga, Unhattarasana. {Note: Unhattar is a hindi numeral just below Sattar(70)}.

Baba Ramdev does not like Unhattarasana or traveling on interstate highway 69

Baba “Generalization” Ramdev said about Celina “These actresses know nothing about Bhartiya sanskriti. They stay away from their parents and have no morals. Unke partner har mahine badalte hain.”

Celina took this to be Baba’s attempt at wooing her since she thought Baba was indicating that she choose him as her partner next month. She also thought that the reason Baba Ramdev has one eye shut most of the time is because he is winking at her. However, COI is not sure how much credibility should be given to her line of thinking, especially given that she first confused our yogi with a line of spices.

Baba Ramdev is not a line of cooking masalas

Whilst Celina believes that Baba should be credited for doing a great service for India’s youth by reviving yoga, she does not take lightly his comments on her knowledge of Bhartiya sanskriti and gave 5037 reasons as to why she is a great example of modern Indian woman. She also wore her ‘traditional’ dress for added effect.

Celina shows off her traditional Indian Swabhav

Baba Ramdev still doesn’t trust her, denies making any formal advances towards her and especially doubts her intelligence. He used the Vedic Maths Shloka Ekadhiken Purven to quickly calculate answers to some questions to ask Celina. He asked her what is Square of 13 minus Square of 10 (or 132-102 ) and what is the integration of 2Xdx between limits 10 and 13 (or 1013∫2Xdx) , both of which Celina couldn’t answer.

[Note: 1013∫2Xdx = 1013 [2*X2/2] = [132-102] = [169-100] = 69 ]

Albeit, COI does not exist to provide opinions or support any one particular side, in this spat between Baba and the Babe, as a matter of principal, habit and orientation, we stand by the babe.

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